Who are we?

Hello! We are Sara and Manuel About 7 years ago our paths crossed in London. It happened that we were both studying photography at the London University of the Arts. However, it was not until 2018 when in Madrid we became something “more than friends.” We had too many things in common not to do a joint project, and after many turns and long conversations, we decided to embark on the adventure and create our own Food Photography Studio: Puchero Estudio

How did it come about Fondos para Fotógrafos?

The idea of creating Fondos para Fotógrafos came almost at the same time as our beloved “Puchero”. We were only just getting started within the world of Food Photography when we saw that most people used photographic backdrops. The designs we offer do not belong to any image bank or similar. They are totally original and photographed by us. They are textures that we have either made by hand ourselves, or we have been photographing on our trips and walks. We work with a supplier who prints the designs on our material and from there, from our “Home/Workshop/Studio”, we carefully prepare each and every one of the orders you make.