In our online store of Fondos para Fotografos we offer personalized vinyl backdrops in flat colors to fit the visual identity of each brand.


Our photographic backdrops have an ideal material for photographing products. Many times, brands look for a specific color for the background and there are many photographers who ask us if we make backdrops with custom colors.

So if you are a photographer and you have been looking for a custom backdrop you are in the right place.


The way we have to work is as follows. We ask you to provide us with a HEX code to create a file that we will send to the printer. This method guarantees a very high color fidelity. However, keep in mind that there is always a margin of error of approximately 5%.

Vinyl photography backdrops are waterproof and wipe clean easily. So they are a good alternative to colored cardstock. In addition, the colored cards already have predetermined colors and our personalized backdrops give you the possibility to choose your own color.

You can use the Coolors website to generate color palettes . This tool is very useful if additional colors need to be added to the existing brand colors. For example, if a client asks you to come to the session with 10 colored backdrops, match the colors of the brand you are going to photograph.

Another advantage about vinyl photography backdrops over other types of materials is that you can use the backdrops multiple times. That is, if you have a recurring client, you will be able to photograph the new products that they bring out, maintaining consistency between sessions.

Custom spot color backdrops take a little longer to deliver than usual as we have to process them individually. This also makes them a bit more expensive. In any case, they are still a low-cost solution in relation to the quality of the photographs that you can take with them.

There are a large number of professional photographers in Spain who are already using backdrops with custom colors and we are sure that when you try them you will recommend them to all your clients.

Nowadays, it is super important to take care of every detail and make the photo sessions meet the expectations of the clients. It is true that many times we only need a white backdrop, without more. This comes in handy for some shoots where we want to shoot products for easy cropping later. In that case, you can purchase our backdrop Blanco Blanco which is undoubtedly a basic in any professional photo studio.

 On the contrary, if what you need is to make a product shoot that looks current and quality, we definitely recommend using the custom spot colors.

Finally, there is always the option of using our textured photo backdrops. We invite you to look at our collection of photographic backdrops