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🔝 Super realistic print quality

📸 Original design photographed by us

Durable 420gr PVC material

💧 liquid resistant

🧻 Rollables for easy transport

🧼 Easy to Clean

✔️They are completely flat after unrolling.

This backdrop owes its name to our beloved Manel from @addictedtohumus and it is a backdrop with a light medium gray tone and a subtle polished stone texture. It's a backdrop that is designed to be used as a battle backdrop for social media and to be able to photograph many dishes with different textures and colors so that you won't get bored of the backdrop, but it does not take away the prominence of your dishes either. Manel is a backdrop that acts as a backdrop, but it works very well.

And of course, the creative photography is from Addicted to Humus

Our backdrops are designed to give life and color to your still lifes. They are ideal for food photography, product photography and flat lays, as they are very resistant and very easy to clean. However, you can give it any other use... the imagination has no limits!

Please remember that each screen is calibrated in a different way. Colors may vary slightly in person.

These backdrops are very easy to use and give incredible results to both professional and amateur photographers. They are easy to transport and are the perfect complement to have at home or in the studio.

Once you finish your photo session you can roll them up and store them back in the shipping tube. We have invested in a material that does not warp, so even if you store it in its tube, when you extend it, it will lie completely flat.

In the gallery you will see:

  • Creative Photography, which shows how the backdrop behaves when photographed. These images have been edited/retouched, therefore the color is not true to reality.
  • Product Photography, where the design is shown exactly as it is, respecting its original color.
  • Detail: a zoom detail of a section of the product.

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Product Information

  • High quality plastic material
  • Matte finish.
  • It can simulate a wall or floor for your still lifes.
  • Exclusive design and photographed by Puchero Estudio.
  • Flexible and very durable material.
  • Resistant to water and other non-abrasive liquids.
  • Does not deform.